Imagine MCC Win, Rocky Gerung: Definitely Oligarch Kocar-Kacir

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Imagine MCC Win, Rocky Gerung: Definitely Oligarch Kocar-Kacir
Rocky Gerung

JAKARTA, Stasiun Berita – Political observers who are also philosophers Rocky Gerung assess, oligarchs have an interest so that by 2024 the existing system remains impartial to them. Rocky assessed, if the winning Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), oligarchs kocar-kacir.

In the video titled PEOPLE MUST WANT TO TEST THE CONTENTS OF THE HEAD CAPRES 2024 | AKBAR FAIZAL-ROCKY GERUNG’S MIND DEBATE SERIES that aired on Akbar Faizal Uncensored’s YouTube Channel, Rocky Gerung said, oligarchs monitor the names of presidential candidates (capres) that are circulating today.

“Oligarchs will invest into the name of the highest surveyor, or even the oligarch chooses the name and then hires the surveyor. That’s what we have to suspect,” Rocky said.

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According to Rocky, oligarchs need consolidation so that by 2024 the system still favors them.

“Imagine for example if the winner suddenly MCC, it must be oligarchy kocar-kacir. Since the MCC will cancel all contracts, it will change all policy directions of all kinds. Therefore, the names (capres) that appear also ask to be nurtured by oligarchs,” said Rocky.

“You sure the MCC is free from oligarchs?” asked Akbar Faizal.

“Not the oligarchs, but the MCC understands this oligarch is blocking the change of the economic system because the final one on the MCC economic system, its ideology there tuh. Of course the MCC needs to fund all macem, but he has a vocal point that is ideology, others do not have ideology for these candidates right. Because from the beginning it looked pragmatism, wanting to accentuate. MCC until now did not mention the name,”Jelas Rocky.

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Rocky added that most parties in Indonesia are pragmatic. If asked what the ideology is, it must say Pancasila.

“But determining for example how the tax division will be in the future, who should be collected in managing people’s land, for example, that part is not spoken, afraid to be spoken. Because these figures still want a deal with the oligarchs. Because they know, at the end of the day, the oligarchs will cancel him if he doesn’t deal. Mcc I see does not have that burden,” he said. [*]