5 Best Netflix Series That Will Inspire You to Travel and Eat

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5 Best Netflix Series That Will Inspire You to Travel and Eat
5 Best Netflix Series That Will Inspire You to Travel and Eat

Stasiun Berita – Find inspiration for your next trip with this best Netflix series recommendation

Looking for inspiration to travel can be from anywhere … including from the Netflix series! Moreover, Netflix also has many interesting traveling-themed movies and documentary series to watch.

In this article, The Stasiun Berita has selected the five best Netflix series in the style of a food documentary, which will surely make you want to travel and culinary again around the world soon!

  1. Street Food

There is a strong reason why this Netflix series is so popular in Indonesia. Not only because in the fourth episode, Street Food raised Jogja food. But also because of the story that not only raised the food itself, but also strong with the humanist side. Don’t be surprised if you could cry when you watch Street Food!

After watching Street Food, you might want to go to Bangkok to queue at Raan Jay Fai, or break your savings to fly to Osaka to meet Toyo-san at Izakaya Toyo. Or maybe take a trip to Jogja this weekend for a breakfast snack market Mbah Satinem?

  1. Ugly Delicious

David Chang is a renowned chef and successful restaurateur with the Momofuku network in America. But through this Netflix series, we won’t be invited by Chang to go to the kitchen and learn to cook – but learn about how a food can become an icon, how they develop, to the importance of the food to society.

In the first episode, for example, we will be brought to discuss pizza, where it will be told about why pizza can grow rapidly in America to become a “national food” there despite coming from Italy, to the difference between Italian pizza and American pizza and questions about authentic food.

  1. Taco Chronicles

Who knew that tacos turned out to be not just one kind of Mexican food, but had their own kinds that could be very different from each other? Through the Netflix series Taco Chronicles, you’ll learn about the variety of tacos, be invited to dive into its history, and be shown the regions where each taco comes from in Mexico.

Warning, don’t watch this Netflix series hungry because the taco visuals served throughout the episode will leave you tormented! Believe me, you’ll be eager to save up to fly to Mexico to taste all kinds of tacos covered in this series: Al Pastor, Carnitas, Canasta, Asada, Barbacoa, and Guisado!

  1. Somebody Feed Phil

If you’re the type who enjoys watching documentary series with a host who visits a city/country and explores the food there like Anthony Bourdain in No Reservation and Parts Unknown, this is the netflix series that suits you best. Philip Rosenthal, an American TV show producer and writer, travels the world to sample the culinary specialties of every city he visits.

From Bangkok to Venice, you’ll be invited to get to know foods you probably didn’t know before. Prepare notes to reference your culinary walks one day!

  1. Salt Fat Acid Heat

Adopted from the cookbook of the same name written by Samin Nosrat, this four-episode Netflix series takes Nosrat to Italy, Japan, Mexico, and the United States to try a variety of local foods. And more importantly, how throughout this journey Nosrat proves that his theory about food is correct: that there are four important elements that determine a food whether to be tasty or not; salt, fat, acid, and heat/fire.

Since Nosrat is also a food critic and cooking class teacher, you’ll probably see more cooking scenes in this Netflix series than any other dokuseries. Although it looks more like cooking docuseries, but Salt Fat Acid Heat will still make you want to travel to Italy, Japan, Mexico, or 0even America, really!. [red]

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